The Courage Vibe

The Courage Vibe

Courage…  The Courage Vibe

  • is not something only reserved for adrenaline junkies or thrill seekers.
  • is not just BIG acts or actions.
  • is not limited by gender, age, race, religion, economic status, education or any other demographic.

Life takes courage, and everyday we wake up to face decisions that will require it.  Courage is needed for those everyday acts and choices that impact you, those around you, your community AND in some cases, the whole world.

Everyday courage, everyday is a very special vibe that we will tap into together through this blog. I can’t wait to introduce you to others who are mustering up their own everyday courage. Together, our courage will build, and our confidence will, too.

Everyday courage inspires me so much. I see it everywhere, and I see it at home, where I live with three very courageous people: My husband John, son Riley, 16, and daughter Allison, 11.

Our family’s latest courageous decision?

A 9-month around the world trip beginning in November.  I admit the trip is a courageous act, but it is actually all the little things building up to leaving that seem to be requiring even more courage than the trip itself.  Many people have wondered how and why we are doing a trip of this magnitude.  Click here to request a copy of “The Story Behind the Story.”

Like telling our friends and family. Deciding what to do with our belongings. Getting all the necessary medical help.  Dealing with the income stream.  Researching and contacting others for information.  All of these acts require courage in one way or another, and with each step we take, our confidence grows along with our courage.  I get scared, but I’ve taught myself to walk around it to keep moving forward.

We are not the first family to take a big trip into the unknown, nor the last.  We are learning from a long list of other courageous souls. This blog will chronicle what we learn, the crazy things that happen, and the amazing adventures we have.

I also have two other intentions for this blog.  First, to make it a place where you meet courageous people around the world and hear their stories. Second, that you recognize, celebrate and build your own courage vibe.

Starting this blog took courage. I hope you’ll join in on the courage conversation – also an act of courage.

Here we go!


  1. Merril Boruchin Spielman October 3, 2012 at 10:40 am - Reply

    I am so finding courage in my life..From Jan Black, Jana Maddux, and Jana Stanfield to name a few… I so enjoyed Riley on our Turkey trip…beyond enjoy!! He was a gift to everyone.. and especially Jan Black..who when he spoke of her i was moved to tears. Such love abounding from such a young man. I am proud to have been on the trip with him then, and thank you for sharing your life adventures with me. They are extremely appreciated!

    • Jody Temple White October 4, 2012 at 7:41 am - Reply

      Thanks Merrill. Jan and the Jana’s are very courageous women and I am also blessed to have them in my life. Riley had a great time on the Turkey trip. It really sparked his desire to do more travelling.

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