A Timely Pinky Swear

A Timely Pinky Swear

A couple of months ago, while watching Trip Flip, one of our favorite new shows on The Travel Channel, that offers a couple the chance to flip their ordinary trip into an extraordinary experience, John and I were amazed at how many people said No before they even knew what was being offered. We made a pinky swear to say Yes to our next chance to do something outside our comfort zone. Little did we know how quickly our vow would be tested.

A few weeks later, in the middle of finalizing details for our family adventure around the world, we got a call from Michael Kobert and Dona Donato of Giggling Gorilla Productions. Their question to us was “May we film portions of your trip and turn them into a documentary?”www.gigglinggorrillaproductions.com/thecouragevibe.html

John and I looked at each other and remembered our pinky swear. Like the people on Trip Flip, we had a choice to make. This was way outside our comfort zone. Would we say yes or no?

We talked it through with the kids and a few others and spoke at length with Dona and Mike. We said Yes! Our intention all along was to use our blogs to tell the stories of courageous people around the world and showcase the places where we’d be volunteering. We saw that this would get their stories out in a much bigger way.

We are very excited and a little nervous, but we believe we are in capable hands with Mike and Dona. They have great heart and skill. One of their recent documentaries was picked up by PBS. Through Giggling Gorilla Productions, they create media and events that support enhanced living, wildlife conservation, sustainability and a holistic way of life. Mike is a zoologist and will be joining us on our adventures with animals, making the experiences even more amazing (think washing elephants in Thailand).

Along our trip and in preparation for the complete documentary, Mike and Dona will be creating a monthly video compiling that month’s adventures. For those of you who have asked how you can follow us on our trip, this will be a great way to do it. They will post the videos on YouTube and other places on the Internet.

Mike and Dona have begun fundraising for the documentary, which we’ve learned is how these things are done. You can learn more at their website, http://www.gigglinggorillaproductions.com/TheCourageVibe.html.

Filming begins this weekend at our going away party on Saturday. John and I never imagined our pinky swear would lead to this. It has taken us way beyond our comfort zone and beyond our dreams.

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