Summer, Fall, Summer, Summer – What?

Summer, Fall, Summer, Summer – What?

Getting ready for the beach

For over 40 years my body has had a clear schedule of seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. It dawned on me recently that I am about to switch it up significantly. My seasons for the rest of 2012 and most of 2013 will look something like this: Fall, Summer, Summer, Spring, Summer, Fall.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I LOVE Summer.

The problem is, my body thinks I am heading into winter, which usually means putting on a few extra pounds to “protect” me from through those harsh winter months. It also means, I get to layer up and hide those pounds under big bulky clothes.

However, this year the direct opposite is happening. I am heading into swimsuit season! I will be hiking and snorkeling and wearing clothes that aren’t so bulky.

So here is what I’ve done to wake my body up to its new reality. It took courage, believe me.

To prepare my body to be in summer rather than winter, I have hired my good friend and personal trainer, Colleen Rocereto to whip me into shape. (If any of you want her number let me know. She is great and works you extremely hard.) My goals: Build my cardio, tone-up and get my mind prepped for what is to come. What I know is that the healthier I am going into this, the less risk I have of getting sick or injured. Plus, if and when, I do go down, I will recover more quickly.

I am in my second week and I have to admit, besides the sore muscles, I am really enjoying the process. It feels good to push myself physically, and to disrupt my seasonal habit. Also, all these great workouts are helping me sleep better which means I am not waking up the usual panic attacks because of all that needs to be done.

I know it will pay off in the…uh…end.

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