Walking on the Left Side

Walking on the Left Side

Australians drive on the left hand side of the road.

The kids are getting a kick out of it because it is so different.  When crossing the street, you look right first rather than left, but the funniest thing we have noticed is how foot traffic follows the same pattern as car traffic.

Riley and I first noticed it while walking up the busy streets of downtown Sydney.  We were walking up the right hand side of the street as we normally do.  We were constantly dodging people and doing that awkward dance while trying to pass them.  We felt like fish swimming upstream until we realized that traffic on Australian sidewalks works like it does on the roads. Walk on the left side. Once we figured this out, we were able to fall in step with the Australians.

Now we are in Bali, and guess what? They are lefties, too!

The level of difficulty is higher, though. Small streets and alleyways are full of motorcycles, scooters, and cars, keeping us as alert as if we were in an intense game of dodgeball.

Meaning that in Bali, while walking on the left side is preferred, we are just happy to get to our destination from either side! But, oh, how beautiful it is here!


  1. lena crowley December 6, 2012 at 7:50 am - Reply

    So glad to read from you. Glad to read that all is well.
    How fun and yummy it must be in Bali. I’d enjoy wear sari’s-there are a lot of funny/instructional sites on YouTube on how to wear a sari-many different spellings! I’d enjoy wearing them right along with you 🙂
    Did you see any kangaroos while you traveled Australia?
    Let me know if the spices and seasonings are different-better-or worse than what we have in the United States!
    And what kinds of vegetables and fruits have you tried. Have the men in the family 🙂 tried any different foods/meats yet?
    Hugs from afar.
    Keeping you all in my prayers.
    Love and hugs
    P.s. any word on how Louie is doing here in the states?

    • Jody Temple White December 6, 2012 at 9:23 pm - Reply

      We did see kangaroos and wallabies. Very fun. The food has been great. They use lots of fresh ingredients in their cooking. The guys like really spicy food, no mystery meats yet. Alli has been enjoying all the great fruit juices like watermelon, papaya, pineapple and banana. Lewyis doing great. He has adjusted beautifully. Thanks for the prayers. We will never turn those down!

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