Most Blog Posts Are Soooo Boring!!!

Most Blog Posts Are Soooo Boring!!!

Our life was getting like that, you know – the same predictable conversations with the same predictable people day after day.

So we decided to do something CRAZY!

You ever feel like that?  Like running naked down the street screaming at the top of your lungs because it feels like you’re slowly suffocating in the monotony of life?

“I WAS BORN TO DO MORE THAN PUNCH A CLOCK AND DRIVE KIDS TO PRACTICE!!!!!” you’re practically screaming on the inside.

I felt the decay in my soul creeping in and turning what had once been a symphony of colors into a grey dull mass of whatever that stuff is you pull out of a clogged drain.

Well, we just weren’t prepared to take it.  We decided that our family had the right to live EXACTLY the life we dreamed of and there is no tomorrow, only today!

Our decision – take the trip around the world we’d always talked about.  The one where we sell or give away our stuff, stick our finger somewhere on the map, buy one-way tickets for the four of us and never look back.

We used to mouth the words, “Oh wouldn’t it be great if…” followed by a laugh and some wild dreaming, but this time it wasn’t a dream, our life was about to change in a very major way.

It was a huge leap of faith and we has no idea what people would say.

It made us nervous to talk about it out loud with each other and those in our close circle.  The first few times we mentioned it we would giggle as we said it waiting for their response.

We became more confident each time we told someone the plan.  What was once a laughable idea became a full-fledged course of action with all of us excited about the possibility.  We knew we needed to get outside our limits and not just our city limits, but our personal limits and spiritual limits.

Our family calls these “Courage Commitments”, something that stretches us a little every day.

Years ago we determined that rather than trying to give our kids a bunch of rules to follow and hope they’d listen, we’d model the life choices we wanted them to follow. We believed that a person should never stop growing and we committed to modeling Courage Commitments in our lives as a result.

Most people are shocked and amazed at what we’re doing; immediately weighing if they could do it themselves.  Some say yes and others give a resounding NO.

This decision was not an impromptu decision or made in the spur of the moment. The decision for our family to travel around the world came after many smaller Courage Commitments over the years.

John and I made the decision to be self-employed and created incomes that allowed us the freedom to not have to show up at the office everyday.   We’d intentionally enrolled the kids in alternative schooling giving them flexibility in their lives as well.

We had talked to other people over the years who have done similar trips.  We were prepped and ready to take the courageous leap because of all that we had done.  We were all groomed and ready to take this trip.

You’ve got your whole life to live!!!

  • Who do you want to be?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • What do you want to try, to change, to make a difference in?

Don’t let Groundhog Day become the norm for your life and wake up and realize it’s over and you’re out of chances to truly live.

Guess what?  You don’t have to do what we did.  Do what is right for you, but do something!  Start small and build up your courage.  Create your own remarkable adventure.

Stop saying ‘NO’ and start saying ‘YES’, even when saying it makes you nervous, giggle, scared, frightened.  Say ‘YES’ any way and watch what opens up.

I’m not trying to convince you to take a world trip with your family, but I do want to inspire you to start living outside your self-imposed limits. Start looking for those NEW things you can do.  Start stepping into courage.  Make courage your daily companion.

Courage will walk you into new experiences, adventures and show you dreams you don’t even know exist yet. Start small and create the habit. You’ll be shocked how much you can grow in just a year.

Here are some ideas or come up your own:

  • Get a new haircutFotor0608105345
  • Look for a new job online
  • Try a new restaurant
  • Look up your local rec center and try a new activity
  • Strike up a conversation waiting in line
  • Start a Freedom Fund and save towards your dream
  • Write out a business plan
  • Put a firm date on a vacation you’ve wanted to take
  • Agree to volunteer at a new organization

We can’t live Your life, you’ve got to take that first step yourself.  What is the NEW thing you are going to start?  Commit to it by taking the first step and writing out your intention.

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