A Long Overdue Update

A Long Overdue Update

Hello, hello, hello!

It feels so good to be finally getting all that has been percolating in my brain down on paper. It has been a while since we have sent you an update.

You may have thought we fell off the planet once we got home. We didn’t. We have just been re-grouping and re-mantling our lives with all the new insights we learned about ourselves on the trip. And here we thought the adventure was over once we walked across the Tijuana border. We couldn’t have been more wrong! Being back in Portland has been an adventure all on its own.

So where do I begin?

I think it is best to give you some of the highlights and then over the next few weeks, I will start filling in some of the details. Also, John, Riley and Allison are going to be adding to the conversation by sharing with you what they are up to and how the last 9 months have been for them, so stay tuned for those updates.

Since being back, we have been bombarded with questions – “What’s next?” “What is happening with The Courage Vibe?” “How has it been being back?” “Are you going to travel again?” Honestly, these are all the questions we have been asking ourselves, plus many, many more!

Let me start with The Courage Vibe and then I will finish up with what has been going on for me personally since coming home.

The Courage Vibe

As you may or may not know, The Courage Vibe was originally started as a way to keep friends and family informed about our trip – who we were meeting, where we were, what we were doing. We also wanted it to be a way for people reading the blog to connect with the organizations we were volunteering for so the followers might be able to support the organizations as they felt led.

What we found is that people were really interested in the “how” aspect of what we were doing. We also received a lot of feedback thanking us for inspiring their families to take courageous action in their lives. Let me tell you, there is nothing better than receiving those kinds of comments and emails. They are true gold for us!

So now that we are back, we asked ourselves, what happens next for The Courage Vibe? We all agreed that we loved the idea of inspiring more people and families to live courageously, so going forward The Courage Vibe is no longer just about our story, but the stories of families and organizations around the world who are living brave, giving big and having fun every day.

While our newly designed website includes our story and pictures, we are also going to be adding stories, experiences, opportunities and resources to inspire and motivate people in their quest to stay out of life’s ruts.

Here is our Mission and Vision at The Courage Vibe (you can read more About this here):


Mission: We deliver rut-busting adventures, resources, gear and media to fun-loving, big-hearted, action-taking families who want to live brave, give big, and have fun.

Vision: To be a global catalyst for families and individuals to live brave, give big, and have fun.

What sets us apart: The Courage Vibe is the only company to offer epic and unprecedented opportunities for families and individuals of all ages around the world to let their courage blow excuses to bits and come alive with the guts to thrive, the will to thrill, and the nerve to serve in an era of chronic boredom, stifling conformity, and shrinking optimism.

Here is our new logo as well.  We love the lion since the lion is such a icon for courage and it was important to have him be a friendly one as well.  His mane represents the courage vibes being sent out to all of us.


The whole family has been instrumental in creating all of this and it still gives us goose bumps and makes us smile as we think about all the fun we are going to have together with you and all the others in The Courage Vibe Tribe. Whoo hoo!

Presenting at Culture Week at the local International School

Presenting at Culture Week at the local International School

The website is now live.  As websites go, it is a start, but definitely not a finished project. We will be rolling out new stuff all the time.

In addition to all this foundational work, our family has also been busy on the speaking front. We have done some fun presentations at some local schools and rotary clubs. We share some stories and insights from the trip and answer a lot of questions. It has been a great way for us to relive the trip and, again, inspire others to take their own courageous leaps. Our calendars are filling up, but if you would like one or all of us to come speak to your group, church or organization, shoot me an email at LiveBrave@TheCourageVibe.com and we can talk about it.


What’s up with me (Jody)

When we landed, we landed hard and right back into life as we left it. One big problem was that we were all different with different perspectives, likes and dislikes. For me, I think the last nine months have been the worst and the best of my life. You might be thinking that makes no sense. Let me try to explain.

I didn’t want the trip to end. I wanted to keep going. I didn’t want all the magic we had created to disappear and become a distant memory. We were home, but it didn’t feel like home. I found myself longing to get back on the plane and move to a new location, meet new people, taste new food. So what did I do? I stuffed my feelings, put on a smile and pretended that all was good. As you can probably suspect, this only caused me to go deeper into my sadness. I knew my family and close friends (who I let see through the veil) were concerned about me, so I did what I know to do, I started taking some action. Starting with small steps, like meditating, reading books, volunteering, taking time to just be. Those actions began juicing me up for bigger action and new insights and opportunities.

My struggle was, “How do I recreate the feelings and fun we had on the trip here at home?” I didn’t know how to do that, but I longed for it. I began reaching back into the trip and asking myself “When was I the most happy?” “What was I doing?” Once I locked onto those things then the question became, “How can I do something similar here?” “What needs to change in my current situation to bring me that same or similar happiness?”

It took work, I am not going to lie. It was hard and I did a ton of soul-searching; cleaning out limiting beliefs and the terrible stories I had told myself over the years. It was like peeling back an onion and I just kept uncovering layer after layer of stuff I needed to let go of. I don’t know if I have ever cried so much in my life.

I feel like I have just recently emerged from the dark tunnel I was in and I am seeing a new light and breathing new air that feels so refreshing and fun. I am seeing opportunities and experiences all around me again which is invigorating and energizing. It also helps that the sun is now coming out giving me an added boost since I am a solar-powered creature.

So when I say this was the best and the worst nine months, I mean it. I am grateful for both because without the worst part, I wouldn’t be able to recognize the best part.

If you are interested in what I am doing to stay out of the tunnel, here you go:

Some books on my shelf: 
The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks
The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte
Leveraging the Universe by Mike Dooley
The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

Some music in my ears:
I recently discovered Spotify (I know, I am a bit late to the party) and created a playlist called Courage Playlist (you will need to sign up for Spotify to listen to the playlist)  It is a fun mix of great songs that motivate and inspire me.  Check it out, or create your own playlist and send me the link.  I love finding new music.

Some people I am following:
• Jonathan Fields – www.JonathanFields.com
• Danielle LaPorte – www.DanielleLaPorte.com
• The Art of Non-Conformity – www.TheArtofNonConformity.com 

CASA for Kids trainers and leaders

My latest volunteer projects:
• Randall Children’s Hospital – I get to hold babies
• CASA Volunteer – Court Appointed Special Advocate for kids in Foster Care

What I am working on:
• My book (more on that in another email)
• Launching the website
• Sorting pictures for presentations and a bunch of other stuff.

I am also dusting off my speaker hat and accepting invitations to share about the trip, the stories, the how to live in the leap and how to do crazy good without going crazy. If you would like to explore if I would be a good fit for your group, shoot me an email at LiveBrave@TheCourageVibe.com.

 Wrapping it up.

Thanks for sticking in here all the way to the bottom. Life is an adventure and we have been on a major one for the last few years. We are so excited about what is in store for The Courage Vibe Tribe and getting to know all of you through our experiences together. This is going to be fun. Thanks for being on the ride with us. Please connect with us, tell us your stories, your ideas, your dreams, we want to hear from you.

Here is to Living Brave, Giving Big and Having Fun!

Until next time,


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