The Impact of Courage

The Impact of Courage

How can courage or the lack of it impact your life and dreams?

When you write a bucket list, it is based on your dreams, what you want to achieve, what you know or have been told.  You try to think big and let yourself go on all the possibilities. You create dream boards and vision videos.  I did all of that and it was great.

I thought I knew exactly what my dreams were. 

Then I had the opportunity to say yes to a dream I had tucked away for years and only discussed with close family and friends. When I mentioned it, I would usually dismiss it with a laugh, until one day our family had the nerve to ask What if? The question eventually morphed into Yes! Let’s do it!

Like the winter storm that re-directed the river outside our mountain cabin, our Yes changed the course of our lives and our dreams. We said yes to traveling around the world for nine months, volunteering all along the way.  We agreed this would not be a perpetual vacation, but a time for us to be travelers, explorers, leaners, and meeting as many people as possible. We agreed to forgo the resorts and tourist attractions and stay in hostels and homestays and guesthouses instead.  It was a low-budget, high adventure trip.  It took courage.

Courage has its rewards.

It has opened me up to dreams and experiences I didn’t know existed. It has opened doors of opportunity that weren’t there before I said YES.  Courage has guided me through experiences I had wanted, but put off. Courage has shown me examples of what life can be and what is possible.  Courage has become my friend and I have learned to love those butterflies when it comes to stepping outside of my comfort zone.  I have learned to embrace courage knowing that the results will be amazing and will open doors for more opportunities, experiences and memories.

What would I have missed if I had said No?  I would have missed the look on my kids’ faces when they held abandoned babies in Morocco, or had cats crawling all over them at animal shelters. I would have missed learning what it is like for the people of Cambodia to reap rice all day in the smoldering heat.  I would have missed seeing my husband conquer his fear of heights.

If I would have refused the invitation of Courage to go for it, I would not have witnessed my children develop into global citizens with a new awareness about themselves and how they want to show up in this world.  I would have missed my own growth and calling. I would have continued living in my world of excuses.

A lack of courage keeps you in a box that might seem safe and comfy but I’ve learned that life happens outside the box. I prefer it out here.

With courage, dreams and life are expanded exponentially.  When you take courageous action of any size, it will, it has to, impact your life and will lead you to things you never dreamed possible.  Your bucket list will explode.  Your dream boards will become more vibrant. Your life will change!

Life takes courage.  Be courageous! Leap!


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