Angel Vibe Tribe – Giving Big

Angel Vibe Tribe – Giving Big

Our home was buzzing with people on a mission—some who we had never even met! It was twelve hundred square feet of amazing goodness, with people making sandwiches, designing notes, filling snack bags and sorting donated clothes, including brand new socks and gloves. My heart was in a state of grateful overflow. How good of these people to show up.

Why had they gathered, you might ask? It was our first Angel Vibe Tribe event.

Our family first imagined the event on our trip. We asked ourselves, “What if we organized local give-back events in our city when we get home from our trip?”

We had been traveling on a low-budget, high-adventure trip that took us to 24 countries over a nine-month period. In many of those places we participated in local service projects. We wanted to keep the momentum going once we returned home, so we created the Angel Vibe Tribe community, a group of people and families who look for ways to give of themselves, their time, and their money. It is an informal community that doesn’t like publicity, but does love connection, and is always on the lookout for ways to help.

We returned home and invited people to our first Angel Vibe Tribe event: Hand-delivering snack and care bags to the homeless on the streets of Portland.

Over 35 people, ranging in age from 8 to 65, participated in some way to make this happen. At the end of the day, we handed out close to 100 snack bags, dozens of doggie packets (for the dogs who are the best friends—and sometimes the only companions—of the homeless), warm socks, coats, sweatshirts, and gloves. We met people, heard their stories, listened as they played us music as a thank you, and connected with them by offering them what we had and by taking the time to really see them.

Since then, we have had a few other Angel Vibe Tribe events and each one is special and leaves us wanting to do more.

Angel Vibe Tribe events start by us asking, “How can we best be of help right now?”

If you have an idea that you think would be perfect for our Angel Vibe Tribe Community, please email us at We would love to brainstorm the idea with you.

And if you are not located in Oregon and would like to do one of these events in your area, shoot us an email and we can chat about it.

In the meantime, if you want to be notified of upcoming events, please click here and give us your name and email. You can also check our Events Calendar for any upcoming Angel Vibe Tribe events.

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