Cleaning the Condor Enclosure

Cleaning the Condor Enclosure

We had just finished a day of cleaning an Andean Condor enclosure in the Sacred Valley outside of Cusco, Peru. Our muscles were sore, hands blistered, and our clothes dirty, but we were happy. We felt honored to have spent the day helping with the unglamorous work of picking up large and small stones (trying not to mistake them for the condor poop) and other items that could prove fatal to these majestic birds.

The work was made more difficult because we only had one rusted out wheelbarrow (with a few holes and a flat tire), a dilapidated rake and shovel, no gloves and a few well-used nylon bags to collect and carry the heavy stones. 

At the end of the day, we wanted to do more than manual labor. When we asked what else they really needed, they told us they could use some new equipment, so we headed to the nearest hardware store and purchased them a heavy-duty wheelbarrow, rakes, shovels, and gloves to make their jobs easier.

This was one of our many service projects as we traveled around the world. We are asked all the time how we found these opportunities. Our answer, “We just asked and paid attention to where we could be of best service.” Opportunities always appeared similar to the Condor Sanctuary experience.

We continue to ask where we can help. Always on the lookout for opportunities to lend a hand, share a meal, and make a connection.

We launched the Angel Vibe Tribe shortly after returning home from our trip. It is a way for us to continue to give big. You can watch some short videos on a few of our projects on our Angel Vibe Tribe page.

So if you have been asking yourself lately,
“What can I do to help?”

We have an opportunity for you.

On February 11th, we will be going to Downtown Portland to distribute Winter Warm-Up bags to several homeless camps. It has been extremely and unusually cold here in Portland, so we want to give a little warmth and share some love.

Would you like to join us?

Our goal is to distribute at least 100 Warm-Up bags that contain things like: socks (#1 requested item), hats, gloves, hand-warmers, personal care items, protein bars and some tea (to warm up the inside). To learn more about the event, go to Winter Warm-Up Event Page.

We could use your help in a few ways:

  1. RSVP to help pack and/or distribute bags on February 11 from 9 am – approx. 3 pm 

  2. Purchase items to go into the bags.

  3. Share this event with your family, friends, civic groups, church, school and community.

Have more questions? Connect with us HERE and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks so much for being part of this community.

So what do you say?

YES, I want to RSVP!

Let us know who will be coming with you on Saturday, February 11th.


YES, I want to get items!

Click below and get instructions and a list of items we need for the bags.

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YES, I want to share!

Invite your friends, family, and colleagues with just a click.

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