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Here are some of the past projects we have done.

Snack Bags for the Homeless

We put out a small announcement about this event and the donations poured in. We packed over 100 snack bags with all the food that was donated. We also gave out toiletry bags and we didn’t forget about our four-legged friends, they even received some good food. Each bag had a sweet handwritten love note for the extra touch.

Our team consisted of people ages 7 – 65 as we hit the streets of downtown Portland, looking for people who needed a PB&J sandwich and some personal connection.

It was a great way to spend a cold, rainy Saturday. We all voted to do it again soon.

Winter Clothes and Warm Coffee

We spent some time collecting warm clothes and gear to distribute to local homeless camps. Before we took off, we also made some sandwiches and created some hand-made notes to give out as well. To top it off, we picked up some fresh brewed Starbucks coffee and headed down to the homeless camps.

The socks and sweatshirts were the first items to go and everyone love the hot coffee. We had the chance to talk with many of the people who took some warm gear. They told us jokes, their stories, and shared their gratitude.

We were thrilled to be of service in this small way. Giving big doesn’t mean you need to give a lot of money. Thoughtful, considerate actions and personal connections are a great way to give big everyday.

Trash Pick-Up

When we were in the Dominican Republic, we had a great opportunity to live in a very rural community. During our stay, we participated in helping to clean up the area with the local school kids. We picked up a lot of trash and had some fun while doing it.

As you will see in the video the kids were pretty proud of themselves and the amount of trash they collected.

Litter and trash is a common problem around the world. It is amazing what a few minutes of trash pick-up can do to improve the view. Consider taking a trash bag with you on your next walk and pick up trash along the route. I do suggest you also wear a pair of gloves.

Spring Clean-Up

The Spring rains had subsided and we noticed all the plants that were growing like weeds, so we offered to help clean-up some yards and complete some “honey-do” projects for our local neighbors.

Day one consisted of hanging blinds, planting bulbs, weeding the flower beds and installing a window air conditioner. Day two we tackled a large, overgrown back yard, cutting back the blackberry bushes, hauling away garbage, trimming trees, and weeding more flower beds. The make-over was amazing and everyone kept a good sense of humor even with the sore muscles and blackberry scratches.

Angel Vibe Tribe is a grass-root effort to help where help is needed. We look for opportunities to lend a hand, connect with others, fill some bellies, warm some toes, or create a better view.

We welcome anyone who wants to join in either participating, donating, or spreading the word. 

Connect with us HERE, we would love to hear from you.

Who is behind the Angel Vibe Tribe?

We are Riley, Allison, Jody & John and we chose to jump out of a perfectly fine middle-class rut. We got rid of our stuff, grabbed our backpacks, and volunteered around the world for nine months on an uncharted journey. It was an idea seeded fifteen years before through a conversation on a plane and two simple words – What If?

Our low-budget, high-adventure trip covered over 60,000 miles and took us to 24 countries and 85 cities. We participated in over 25 local service projects. A few of our projects included holding babies in a Moroccan orphanage, serving food to senior citizens in the UK, cleaning enclosures in several animal rescue centers, helping at a day camp for special needs adults, teaching English to Turkish kids, helping with chores in a Cambodian village, gardening at an Eco-friendly farm, helping at an after-school program and picking up trash on multiple beaches around the world.

Read more about our family here.

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