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Two Pairs of Shoes

2017-01-26T08:05:05+00:00Family, Live brave, Travel|

When we left Portland to travel around the world together in November 2012, our whole lives fit into a 41-liter backpack and a really small carry-on. We learned a couple of things very early on in our 9-month trip around the world. One of the most important things we learned? Even though we only had a backpack, we still had too much stuff. We were only two or three days when we realized this, so we all started going through our stuff, discarding what we didn’t think we needed. We filled a medium-sized box and shipped it to Jody’s parents house in Salem, Oregon. We should have been all good then, right? Not quite. We ended up traveling 60,000 miles on our trip, going to six continents and 24 countries. With that kind of travel, you need to think through space issues thoroughly—which includes packing the right shoes. I had [...]

Life Giving Blood

2016-10-24T09:43:18+00:00Courage, Give big, Inspiring Life Adventures, Volunteer|

I love giving blood. It speaks to my “love languages”: acts of kindness and service to others. And so, I have been donating blood since college. There were some years I would give every eight weeks. Other years, I didn’t pay attention, and didn’t give much or any at all. Now that I am 68, it’s more important to me than ever. Before our recent trip to the Dominican Republic, I was thinking about how much blood I had donated over the years—I thought it was about 140 pints in almost 50 years, but I wasn’t sure. I also remembered that, with the recent outbreak of the Zika Virus, I would be excluded from giving blood for one year. The day before I was to leave, I received a timely call from the Red Cross. They informed me there was a severe shortage of O blood, and asked if I [...]

A Day in Portofino: A Dream Come True

2016-10-24T09:43:35+00:00Family, Have fun, Inspiring Life Adventures, Travel|

Years ago, Jody and I were in Idaho meeting my oldest daughter’s future in-laws. We were all having lunch together, and on the wall next to us was a picture of the bay and coastline in Portofino, Italy. It was incredible! I looked at Jody, commented on how beautiful it was, and promised her that someday I would take her there. Fast forward a few years, and we’re halfway into our trip around the world with our two youngest children, Allison and Riley. Jody’s parents, Jan and Lou, had joined us in Madrid, Spain at this point for a six-week trip through Europe. We had just spent a week in Tuscany, which was on my bucket list. Tuscany was everything you would expect—we made so many great memories, including all six of us hitchhiking to town in the rain! Our next destination was Genoa in northern Italy. We were headed [...]

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