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Our home was buzzing with people on a mission—some who we had never even met! It was twelve hundred square feet of amazing goodness, with people making sandwiches, designing notes, filling snack bags and sorting donated clothes, including brand new socks and gloves. My heart was in a state of grateful overflow. How good of these people to show up. Why had they gathered, you might ask? It was our first Angel Vibe Tribe event. Our family first imagined the event on our trip. We asked ourselves, “What if we organized local give-back events in our city when we get home from our trip?” We had been traveling on a low-budget, high-adventure trip that took us to 24 countries over a nine-month period. In many of those places we participated in local service projects. We wanted to keep the momentum going once we returned home, so we created the Angel [...]

A Day in Portofino: A Dream Come True

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Years ago, Jody and I were in Idaho meeting my oldest daughter’s future in-laws. We were all having lunch together, and on the wall next to us was a picture of the bay and coastline in Portofino, Italy. It was incredible! I looked at Jody, commented on how beautiful it was, and promised her that someday I would take her there. Fast forward a few years, and we’re halfway into our trip around the world with our two youngest children, Allison and Riley. Jody’s parents, Jan and Lou, had joined us in Madrid, Spain at this point for a six-week trip through Europe. We had just spent a week in Tuscany, which was on my bucket list. Tuscany was everything you would expect—we made so many great memories, including all six of us hitchhiking to town in the rain! Our next destination was Genoa in northern Italy. We were headed [...]

Being a Global Catalyst

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I was honored to be interviewed recently by Mike Wolf, founder of Entrepreneurs Making a Difference, about some of the things we learned and experienced during and after our Round-The-World Quest.     We would love to hear your thoughts, so go to our Facebook page or make a comment below.  We love hearing from you!

The Impact of Courage

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How can courage or the lack of it impact your life and dreams? When you write a bucket list, it is based on your dreams, what you want to achieve, what you know or have been told.  You try to think big and let yourself go on all the possibilities. You create dream boards and vision videos.  I did all of that and it was great. I thought I knew exactly what my dreams were.  Then I had the opportunity to say yes to a dream I had tucked away for years and only discussed with close family and friends. When I mentioned it, I would usually dismiss it with a laugh, until one day our family had the nerve to ask What if? The question eventually morphed into Yes! Let’s do it! Like the winter storm that re-directed the river outside our mountain cabin, our Yes changed the course [...]

Where To Begin

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“We have always dreamed of taking our family around the world, but we don’t even know where to start.” We hear this from people all the time, after our presentations or during conversations over dinner.  I admit, I had a similar feeling when the seed to travel around the world with my family was planted in my brain so many years ago. My recommendation? Start around the kitchen table (or wherever your tribe meets up on a consistent basis).  For our family, it was dinner time.  After all the pleasantries and four letter words – FINE. GOOD. YEAH. OKAY - were out of the way, John or I would start a conversation that began with two simple words: “WHAT IF…” and then we would fill in the rest with what we were curious about. For example, “What if you could buy a ticket anywhere in the world.  Where would you [...]

Time Flies

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When my son Riley was born, people told me, “You are going to blink and he will be graduating.”  Well, I blinked and sure enough they were right. Eighteen years filled with so many memories, feelings, experiences, and learning opportunities.  So many leaps and stages of development, not just for Riley, but for our entire family. Some of the leaps were invigorating, adventurous and fun, some felt like they lasted forever and would never end.  Like the rocky transition from pre-teen to teenager, every day I felt like I was holding my breath not sure what was going to walk through the door, my darling little boy or the young man trying to gain his balance with new responsibilities and emotions.  Looking back, while this felt like an eternity, it was just a small blip on the screen even though it seemed all-consuming. Other leaps felt like a shooting star, [...]

A Long Overdue Update

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Hello, hello, hello! It feels so good to be finally getting all that has been percolating in my brain down on paper. It has been a while since we have sent you an update. You may have thought we fell off the planet once we got home. We didn’t. We have just been re-grouping and re-mantling our lives with all the new insights we learned about ourselves on the trip. And here we thought the adventure was over once we walked across the Tijuana border. We couldn’t have been more wrong! Being back in Portland has been an adventure all on its own. So where do I begin? I think it is best to give you some of the highlights and then over the next few weeks, I will start filling in some of the details. Also, John, Riley and Allison are going to be adding to the conversation by [...]

Most Blog Posts Are Soooo Boring!!!

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Our life was getting like that, you know - the same predictable conversations with the same predictable people day after day. So we decided to do something CRAZY! You ever feel like that?  Like running naked down the street screaming at the top of your lungs because it feels like you're slowly suffocating in the monotony of life? "I WAS BORN TO DO MORE THAN PUNCH A CLOCK AND DRIVE KIDS TO PRACTICE!!!!!" you're practically screaming on the inside. I felt the decay in my soul creeping in and turning what had once been a symphony of colors into a grey dull mass of whatever that stuff is you pull out of a clogged drain. Well, we just weren't prepared to take it.  We decided that our family had the right to live EXACTLY the life we dreamed of and there is no tomorrow, only today! Our decision – take [...]

What is Courage?

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I blog about courage, so that tells you the subject interests me a lot, even fascinates me. This trip gives me plenty of opportunity to see it and consider it even more deeply. I often ask people what courage means to them. They describe big actions of heroism, often in life-threatening situations. What I don’t hear are the stories of the brave things we do every day. Now that we’ve been on the trip for over four months, I am more convinced than ever that most people do not see themselves as courageous, even though they are. I am also convinced that it is helpful to learn to recognize it and let it take us further. Everyday courage. The courage it takes to express ourselves artistically.  The courage to go to the doctor to get the proper tests.  The courage to walk into a room full of people you don’t [...]

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