Winter Warm-Up for the Homeless

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I have never had to live on the streets and I hope I never have to. I have heard the statistics and know how close many of us are to having that be a reality. We often think it could never happen to us, but yet, we know it can happen, it is happening, and does happen every single day. This past winter was a brutal one in Portland. We are known for our rain, but not for freezing conditions for weeks on end. When the snow hit, no one was really prepared. Highways became parking lots, trees fell, power went out and those living in tents under the bridges desperately searched for warm places to sleep. There were at least four reported deaths due to hypothermia. I am sure that was a low number. We decided to take action and help in any way we can. Our solution [...]

Cleaning the Condor Enclosure

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We had just finished a day of cleaning an Andean Condor enclosure in the Sacred Valley outside of Cusco, Peru. Our muscles were sore, hands blistered, and our clothes dirty, but we were happy. We felt honored to have spent the day helping with the unglamorous work of picking up large and small stones (trying not to mistake them for the condor poop) and other items that could prove fatal to these majestic birds. The work was made more difficult because we only had one rusted out wheelbarrow (with a few holes and a flat tire), a dilapidated rake and shovel, no gloves and a few well-used nylon bags to collect and carry the heavy stones.  At the end of the day, we wanted to do more than manual labor. When we asked what else they really needed, they told us they could use some new equipment, so we [...]

Life Giving Blood

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I love giving blood. It speaks to my “love languages”: acts of kindness and service to others. And so, I have been donating blood since college. There were some years I would give every eight weeks. Other years, I didn’t pay attention, and didn’t give much or any at all. Now that I am 68, it’s more important to me than ever. Before our recent trip to the Dominican Republic, I was thinking about how much blood I had donated over the years—I thought it was about 140 pints in almost 50 years, but I wasn’t sure. I also remembered that, with the recent outbreak of the Zika Virus, I would be excluded from giving blood for one year. The day before I was to leave, I received a timely call from the Red Cross. They informed me there was a severe shortage of O blood, and asked if I [...]

Angel Vibe Tribe – Giving Big

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Our home was buzzing with people on a mission—some who we had never even met! It was twelve hundred square feet of amazing goodness, with people making sandwiches, designing notes, filling snack bags and sorting donated clothes, including brand new socks and gloves. My heart was in a state of grateful overflow. How good of these people to show up. Why had they gathered, you might ask? It was our first Angel Vibe Tribe event. Our family first imagined the event on our trip. We asked ourselves, “What if we organized local give-back events in our city when we get home from our trip?” We had been traveling on a low-budget, high-adventure trip that took us to 24 countries over a nine-month period. In many of those places we participated in local service projects. We wanted to keep the momentum going once we returned home, so we created the Angel [...]

Being a Global Catalyst

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I was honored to be interviewed recently by Mike Wolf, founder of Entrepreneurs Making a Difference, about some of the things we learned and experienced during and after our Round-The-World Quest.     We would love to hear your thoughts, so go to our Facebook page or make a comment below.  We love hearing from you!

Goats and Education

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On our way out to do a camel track in the Sahara Desert, we made a stop in a remote village that benefits from the support of the non-profit organization, Children of the Sahara, whose mission is to improve the lives of the nomadic children living in the environs of the Sahara Desert. We visited this village on a hot afternoon and walked between the mud brick houses watching children play, animals lounge, and hearing goat sounds all around. We peeked into the one room schoolhouse, where it was packed full of the local women who were learning to read, write and do math. They were all curious, yet shy about why we were there. We were in the village to donate money to go towards the purchase of a goat for a local family. We thought that Children of the Sahara was just about providing goats, but were pleased [...]

The Magnetic Family of Magnetic Island

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When a family faces a crisis, everything changes – perspectives, language, conversations, outlooks, and relationships. A new normal is established. I equate these situations to walking into a new room, a room you knew existed, but never had to enter.  Once you are in it, you are in new territory, with many others who have either been there a long time or maybe just arrived, as you have.  Either way, your reality has changed.  How long you stay in that room might be completely out of your control, but what you choose to do and be in that room is completely up to you. And even if you are able to leave, you will never be the same. While we were visiting Magnetic Island, Australia, we met a family who entered the Cancer room when their 9-year old son, Daniel – now 21 - was diagnosed with a brain tumor. [...]

Passion to Purpose

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Our family has been invited by various groups to share our story. These presentations have been a fabulous way for us to re-live our trip and remember all the different experiences we had. We typically do this together, each sharing a different perspective and insight, but we will occasionally present individually. Riley and Allison were recently invited to keynote to a group of kids and adult mentors at the Friends of the Children campus in Portland. They were asked to share some of their experiences from the trip to bring an international perspective to the kids. They both took a leap and a deep breath and said YES to not only being the key presenters, but also to creating a presentation from scratch. As Riley and Allison brainstormed topic ideas, passion and purpose kept coming up. Specifically, that when you find your passion it will lead you to your purpose, which is exactly [...]

A Long Overdue Update

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Hello, hello, hello! It feels so good to be finally getting all that has been percolating in my brain down on paper. It has been a while since we have sent you an update. You may have thought we fell off the planet once we got home. We didn’t. We have just been re-grouping and re-mantling our lives with all the new insights we learned about ourselves on the trip. And here we thought the adventure was over once we walked across the Tijuana border. We couldn’t have been more wrong! Being back in Portland has been an adventure all on its own. So where do I begin? I think it is best to give you some of the highlights and then over the next few weeks, I will start filling in some of the details. Also, John, Riley and Allison are going to be adding to the conversation by [...]

SPANA – Hero to the Working Animals

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We arrived in Marrakesh, Morocco, and the buzz and energy of the city hit us immediately.  There were cars, scooters, horse carriages, donkeys and many other animals jamming the roads.  It is something you don’t see in the U.S. Your senses come alive with the colors, smells, sights and sounds of the city. So much activity makes it easy to miss things. We did notice, while dodging horse carriages, that many of the horses had green bands wrapped around one of their legs. We wondered what the green bands meant. What do you think? We found out a few days later. With so many people, animals and cars fighting for the same space on a road, there are bound to be accidents. What happens when working animals are injured in Marrakesh? Here’s where the story gets remarkable. A woman and her daughter literally changed the world for working animals and [...]

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