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a new kind of family travel

More exciting than a road trip. More legendary than a theme park. More energizing than a resort.

What are Courage Journeys?

Courage Journeys are family-focused, life-expanding adventures. These experiential trips take a small group of fun-loving, big-hearted, action-taking families to spectacular destinations around the globe; combining volunteer opportunities, sightseeing activities, and rut-busting adventures along the way.

What if your family went on this adventure together?

Our family will be there every step of the way, of course, participating, facilitating, and hosting, as we share the personal tips and techniques we used to experience all kinds of magic and miracles around the globe.

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Our next Courage Journey is taking us to the Dominican Republic.

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Courage Journeys provide bucket-list opportunities, comfort-zone stretching adventures, and authentic connections within your family, and within the local community. They’re a life-changing experience for families who prefer growth over stagnation, and are craving a new definition of “normal”.

(Basically, if you’ve ever thought that being on The Amazing Race would be fun, then Courage Journeys are for you!)

But this is not your typical group travel. Each family has a unique, customized itinerary prepared perfectly for you through our pre-trip interviews and questionnaires. We’re creating the trip that will best help your family live brave, give big, and have fun.

What if you said “YES” to a trip that transformed your family—as individuals and as a unit—forever?

Family Courage Journeys ARE:

  • Opportunities to generate stories of a lifetime
  • The perfect mix of volunteering, sightseeing, and relaxing
  • Catalysts for stronger bonds, improved communication, deeper connections, and expanded world-view
  • Out-of-the-box experiences and encounters
  • Challenges chronic boredom, stifling conformity, and shrinking optimism
  • A full family transformation into globalized travelers
  • Focused on experiential learning for the WHOLE family

Family Courage Journeys ARE NOT:

  • All-inclusive, 5-star resort-style travel with on demand hot water, WI-FI, room services or comfortable beds
  • Packed with back-to-back trips to tourist destinations where you come home exhausted
  • Designed for families who are satisfied with the status quo
  • Set up for the negative-naysayers who refuse to participate or try new things
  • Your typical family vacation
  • Something you will EVER forget

A Message from your Hosts

Hi! We’re the Temple White family – Jody, John, Riley, and Allison. We took our own Courage Journey back in 2012, after asking ourselves: “What if we actually did take this trip around the world? Can we do it?” We quickly turned that “What if?” into a “Why not?”, and upended our seemingly fine, middle-class, suburban reality by getting rid of our stuff and backpacking around the world for nine months.

It was the uncharted, low-budget, high-adventure experience of a lifetime!

During our nine months abroad, we continued to ask ourselves “What if?” And, in so doing, we participated in over 26 volunteer projects, shared small spaces, managed culture shock, took cold showers, and lived out of backpacks. We learned a few things in the process—about ourselves, about each other, and about the value of taking on this experience together. Once we got home, we asked ourselves: “What if we take other families on these adventures, too?” And The Courage Journeys were born!

Does that sound intriguing to you? Is your family ready for their own adventure? If your interest is even a little bit piqued, we encourage to apply to come on our next trip! These adventures are intentionally small—so that each family can have an intimate and extraordinary experience—and we want to make sure your family is included.

And if you’re not yet ready for the immersive experience that Courage Journeys offer, then we hope you’ll check out our “What If?” Challenge page. We provides additional opportunities for connection and adventure by supporting your family as you start to ask, “What if…?”

Either way, we’re so thankful that you’re here, and we hope to meet you soon on the next Courage Journey!

Jody, John, Riley, and Allison

Riley, Allison, Jody & John
Machu Picchu

Here are just a few things our family learned on our nine-month adventure:

  • How to finding fun volunteer projects for the whole family (when your kids are under 18)
  • Courage is contagious and it is always helpful to have people around you to support and encourage you
  • How to manage the travel details, itineraries, reservations, contacts, and so much more
  • Family memers can communicate  –  and communicate well – without technology
  • Traveling on a small budget can be fun and informative and forces creativity
  • When we play to each other’s strengths, we can get the job done

We hope to pass these lessons – and many more – to other families and are thrilled to offer this new version of family travel – as one very fun way to do that!


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