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Taming Travel Tension 201 course will be launched soon

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Taming Travel Tension 201

For experienced and inexperienced travelers extended trips of four weeks or more.

Dream of taking your kids and exploring the world like you did in college, not just for a week but for four weeks or longer?

Don’t know how to get it planned?

Details seem overwhelming?  

We understand. Been there, done that. Then we taught ourselves a better way.

Maybe you are planning an upcoming sabbatical or job transition where you have an extended block of time to explore and you don’t want to just let the time go by. Instead, you see it as an opportunity to take that backpacking trip you took in college only now you get to do it with your kids.  Maybe you are ready to take the trip and travel around the world for as long as it takes you.  You understand the value of travel and you have always dreamed of taking your kids around the world but with the family schedule, school, the disruptions around the world you don’t know where to start.  You have purchased the 500 Places to go before you die and you have marked the top picks.  You know now is the time.  The kids aren’t getting younger and you want them globalized.

With that excitement, comes the overwhelm of the planning details that you didn’t have when you were in college.  At that point, you just had to worry about yourself; now you have others to consider. How do you get them on board, excited and ready to jump into the adventure?

It has been hard enough deciding where to go on your two-week family vacations, let alone this extended travel window.

When you bring it up to the family they say they would like it, but it doesn’t go much farther than that.  You want them to get excited and engaged in the opportunity.  When you talk to family and friends, they tell you it would be great but quickly also remind you of the dangers and the reasons it won’t work.

You are ready to bust out of the rut and quit talking about it and actually do it.  You know it is possible and are looking for how to make it happen without taking too much time out of your family’s already busy, crammed schedule.  You just want to make sure you know what you need to know so that the bases are covered and then you want to let magic and miracles take over.

You would love for this to be the foundation that launches other trips.  You see this as possibly a test run to either live abroad or reset your lifestyle.

You will learn:

  • Deciding where to go
  • How long you can travel
  • How to get the excitement from the whole family
  • How to manage school
  • What to pack
  • Visas
  • Immunizations
  • Planning a route
  • Finding accommodations
  • Purchasing airline tickets
  • Downsizing
  • Renting/selling your home
  • Funding the adventure
  • Finding volunteer opportunities you can do with the whole family
  • Communicating while on the road
  • Travel Insurance
  • Staying healthy and safe while traveling
  • Difference between vacations and extended travel
  • Agreements and conversations
  • Staying connected with family and friends
  • Coming home
  • Working vs. traveling
  • …and so much more

Yes, this sounds like a great course! Put me on the list to be notified when it goes live.

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