What if we sold everything and traveled around the world? Why not?

Here Is Our Story

There are moments in your life when something shifts and you know you will never be the same. There are other times when a seed is planted and years later it grows into something that changes your life. This is what happened to us.

A Conversation on a Plane.

Over fifteen years ago, heading east at 20,000 feet in the air, a seed was planted in our imagination during a conversation with Karen, a colleague. The idea seemed both outrageous and incredibly appealing.

She told her story from years ago when their family decided to sell everything and spend a year traveling around the world. She told story after story of their experiences. The seed was planted, our family was destined to do the same, but with our own twists. Over the years, our family would talk about a world trip over dinner or while driving. What if? How? When? Where?

Fast Forward to 2012.

Life had become pretty typical around our house. Good, but predictable. We needed something different. How about a trip around the world?! We were all in (it took a little coaxing with our teenager).

Our plan was in place for an uncharted, low-budget, high adventure backpacking trip. Our friends thought we were crazy, but we didn’t let that stop us.

Over nine months, our family set foot on six continents. We met incredible, brave, and brilliant people all around the world. We learned about magic and miracles, gratitude and unconditional love, and how to connect with people without having a common language. We learned to say YES more often and came home tighter than when we left, in spite of (or because of) sharing 10 x 10 rooms for most of the trip.

Our dream to travel around the world as a family seemed way out of reach.  We took our leap and the results have been absolutely astounding.

The Epic Adventure

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Our what if turned into why not and led us around the world.

Where will you let your what if lead you? #whatifwhynot

Meet Our Family

Our definition of FAMILY is a loving, supportive circle of people - born, blended, and/or chosen.

While only four of us actually went on the trip, our actual family is much larger.

When we got married, we blended a family which started with two adults and four kids (or bonus kids as we call them).

Allison joined us a few years later through adoption after we traveled to Russia twice to meet her.

Then two son-in-laws, a daughter-in-law, three grandsons, and three granddaughters.

Here is a picture (before the third granddaughter) which also includes the great grandparents.

Our family is a perfect example of born, blended, and chosen.

Families come in all shapes and sizes. The Courage Vibe makes living brave, giving big, and having fun possible for today’s families.

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