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Get weekly What If  questions delivered to straight to your inbox or by text

Each week we will send you a few more what if questions to add to your bank. Let these questions be a foundation and watch where they lead.

I want my weekly What If  questions to come to me by email.

I want my weekly What If  questions to come to me by text.

To receive your weekly What If questions by text, please:

Text the following


to: 773-770-4377

Once you have done this, you will receive a text back asking to confirm your subscription by replying with an email address.

Assuming the technology works, you should begin receiving your what if questions by text each week.

We don’t charge anything for it, BUT your carrier might, so check with them about any additional fees this may incur.

We are totally into sharing, except when it comes to email addresses. Your info is safe with us.

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