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Volunteering Around the Globe

When we thought of spending nine-months traveling around the world, we knew we couldn’t treat it as a long vacation, hitting every tourist spot only to come home exhausted.  Plus our very tight budget would not support it, so we got this crazy idea to volunteer as much as possible where ever we could.

Our trip had no set agenda, so whatever projects we worked on had to allow for that flexibility.

It wasn’t always easy to find projects.

We stayed open to opportunities to be of service and magic and miracles appeared.

As we arrived in a new city or town, we kept our eyes and ears open for local projects where we all could participate with our own skills and talents.

Our goal was help when ever and where ever we were able and when the needs showed up we answered with a resounding YES!

In all, we did 25 service projects which consisted of beach clean-up, teaching English, mucking stalls, gardening, cooking, painting enclosures, cuddling and playing with kids, helping at a day camp, feeding the homeless, serving food, walking dogs, feeding all kinds of wildlife, exercising and washing elephants, reaping rice and loads of other projects.

Organizations We Met Who Are Giving Big

When our family decided to volunteer, we opted to find local organizations through a simple, grass-roots effort – we asked the locals.

What we discovered were amazing organizations and people doing incredible things in their community. We were blown away by their commitment, love, and determination. It was humbling and very inspiring. 

In most cases, these organizations were operating on a shoe string budget, putting most of their donations back into the program leaving little or no money left over for marketing or outreach. We saw this as an opportunity to help bridge that gap by sharing their stories and information to our community.

We saw firsthand the work many of the following organizations are doing in their community and were honored to work alongside them. We can attest to their passion, work and impact, but if you choose to support any of these organizations, we recommend you do your own research and vetting. 

Want to know more about an organization and how you might be able to help? We have included links to their websites.

Happy reading.

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