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Having Fun Around the Globe

When we thought of spending nine-months traveling around the world, we knew we couldn’t treat it as a long vacation, hitting every tourist spot only to come home exhausted.  Plus our very tight budget would not support it, so we agreed to find our fun in ways other than back-to-back activities and tours.

Instead, we had fun meeting locals and learning about their culture. We chose to do as the locals do by finding and participating in local events, like the Hindu ceremony on the beach of Lembogan in Indonesia. Or saying yes to invites to beach side BBQ’s with locals who spoke very little English.

The cool thing about having fun is that it can happen anywhere, anytime, we learned we just needed to be prepared to join in at a moments notice.

Lots of times you make up your own fun – like creating a full size game board on the beach.

Having fun means different things to different people.

Prior to the trip, we spent a lot of time asking ourselves many “what if” questions like:

  • What if we get bored and want to come home?
  • What if one of us doesn’t want to participate in an activity?
  • What if one person isn’t having any fun, what should we do?

Funny thing happens when you have conversations like this, it makes it really easy to know what to do when you are faced with the situation. Since we had already talked about it, we had a game plan of what to do as a family.

These conversations also opened the door to discovering what we all considered fun. Having that arsenal of information about each of us was invaluable when sorting through options and also making sure everyone had equal opportunity to play in their personal fun zone.

BTW, many of the what if questions never even came up because we were all too busy living brave, giving big, and having fun.

Fun can be found anywhere and it is all around us everyday.

Read about some of the ways we had fun on our trip and continue to have fun since coming home.

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