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Living Brave Around the Globe

Living brave does not mean you are fearless or reckless.

To us, living brave meant getting out of our comfort zones, putting ourselves out there to meet people, learn new things, try unfamiliar experiences, and trust our own intuitions.

Yes, we did participate in some hair raising activities, like parasailing off of a 6,000 foot cliff in Turkey. Saying yes to tasting live fire ants. Getting on a plane and traveling without a set agenda. But we also did other things, like trying to communicate in a foreign language, being willing to take local transport, and staying in hostels rather than resorts.

What we learned about living brave, the more action we took, the “braver” we got. Our confidence grew and so did our courage.

Living brave means different things to different people.

If you were to ask Riley how he defines living brave, it would probably be much different than Allison’s definition.

We knew going into the trip that we would have many opportunities to experience the thrill and uncertainty of living brave and we agreed to support each other through our own fears without shame or ridicule. This meant no teasing, no demeaning, no unnecessary pressure. Although, we also agreed that we could respectfully, push when appropriate because we all wanted to bust out of our ruts and explore beyond our self-imposed limits.

Each one of us is courageous in our own way, that includes you. Courage is contagious and will tenderly blow your excuses to bits if you will let it.

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Living brave comes in all shapes and sizes.

Read about some of the ways we lived brave on our trip and since coming home.


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