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Meet Jody

Jody Temple White – Who Am I?

I could answer by listing the things I’ve done in my life and you would get an idea of who I am from the list, but I’d rather take you directly to the me that did them.

Who I am is an ever-evolving being who loves learning, laughing, adventures, and transformations. I love to spark Courage and equip people to build everyday bravery into their lives and work so they can experience the rewards only Courage brings. I am inspired and invigorated to interact with people and organizations who are doing so much to improve lives all around the world.

I get fired up about women’s and children’s issues. Our trip around the world revealed to me that I am solar-powered and crave the sun. Golfing grounds me and brings me joy, regardless of how well I play. Fiber art inspires me. Laughter and fun sweep me away. I have learned I don’t need much stuff to be happy, but dark chocolate is a non-negotiable.


Our family jumped out of a perfectly fine rut, got rid of our stuff, grabbed our backpacks, and volunteered around the world for nine months on an uncharted journey. The world is being saved by brazen beings just like you and me who’ve found their nerve to serve. Wait until you hear our crazy good stories about the people we’ve met who are doing it every day.

Do you talk yourself out of taking a leap you believe will better your life? Do you wish you had the courage to bust out of your rut and come alive? Do you stop short of jumping into the unknown? Stop stopping. Leap! It is there where Courage drops your jaw and shows you who you really are. It is there where you receive the priceless rewards and opportunities only leaps can give you.

The world is being saved by brazen beings just like you and me who’ve found their nerve to serve and leapt into action. Jody spills secrets and stories from her family’s leap into backpacking and volunteering around the world in an uncharted and unplanned trip meeting people all along way in the midst of their own generous leaps.

Do you slam the door on courage with statements like “I could never do that,” “No way,” “I can’t because…” These statements build fences around our possibilities. Courage is the urge in your heart to walk past what bores you and chase what implores you. It can blow your excuses to bits without making you wish for one minute it hadn’t done it. The more fun we have the better life gets.

Jody Temple White

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Jody Temple White tapped into her own courage vibe and sparked her family to take a big leap and spend nine months traveling around the world as a family with no agenda other than to learn about the world, about themselves, about each other and to volunteer where ever they could; living a low-budget, high-adventure leap visiting 24 countries, 85 cities and traveling over 60,000 miles.

Using stories and experience from the trip and life, she inspires audiences to do those things that make their hearts skip a beat because it is in those moments that courage takes their hand and guides them along their path giving them a glimpse of what life can look like when they tap into their own courage vibe.

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More information

Jody Temple WhiteSpeaker, Adventurer, Artist, Leap Strategist

My Background

  • Former Financial Planner
  • Speaker and Trainer, Everywoman’s Money Conferences
  • Training Development Director for international adoption agency
  • Co-founder, All Systems Go Now Hospitality

For Meeting Planners

Presentations are offered as Keynotes, Breakouts, Workshops or Seminars (1/2 day, full-day), and Webinars, Retreats and Trainings. I am also available as a Panel Guest or Moderator and Media Interviews. Click here to inquire about rates and dates.


  • Adoption/Foster Care
  • College Speaking
  • Motivational
  • Parenting and Children
  • Travel/Adventure


  • Corporations, business groups, non-profits
  • Family/Adoption Groups/Special Needs support groups
  • Executive managers, sales reps
  • Entrepreneurs, small offices
  • Churches, community organizations
  • Colleges, youth groups
  • Business and civic groups
  • Health care groups, hospitals, medical offices
  • Therapists, psychologists, counselors and coaches
  • Women’s groups
“Throughout Jody’s presentation, not only did I find myself saying, My family could do that, but it spurred me on in the challenges in my business that need an extra dose of courage. Jody is a warm, engaging and approachable speaker – definitely one of our bright leadership stars!!”
Brad McDonald, Reveal Studio, Inc
“Seeing you and your family in person at the Live Out Loud Alumni Event was to me a true realization of Family Unity that will change the world. You all demonstrated so much courage, love for each other and the experiences of so many around the world. I am inspired to be better in my life by you, your family and the sharing of your experiences.”
Debbie Leamons, Real Estate Professional
“Thank you so much for coming in and sharing your experience with us. It was really fun and amazing to see all of the pictures from your trip. Seeing all of the things that you did inspired me to make a difference. Thanks again for coming in and sharing your experience with us!”
Olivia, Student, Roots Academy
“Jody White and her Courage Vibe message are equally amazing! The way Jody tells her story of her amazing travels and the transformation she and her family underwent is absolutely moving. Audiences will be delighted by her and be changed for the better.”
Denise Stillman

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