30 Ways to Play Out the Magic of What If with your Kids

The Parent-Teen Playbook to Live Brave, Give Big and Have Fun



You love finding simple ways to increase the quality of your family’s experience together. Here’s one that not only does that, it delivers a secret sauce that expands every possibility you will ever face. Just open to a page and get going.

The Parent-Teen Playbook to Live Brave, Give Big and Have Fun by Jody Temple White makes it easy for parents to spark shared experiences that are retold for generations.

In her book, Jody reveals the secret sauce that adds magic to her own family’s life every day. It is what she calls The W3 Factor, a simple and profound use of What If? Why Not? and What’s Next?

The pages of the playbook feature 30 teen-approved plays you can run anywhere, anytime; Debrief pages help you understand each other better; Memorabilia pages offer a place to save what you collect while running the plays; and a W3 Factor Mandala turns your adventures into a treasured piece of art. Each play includes a brief true story, giving you one more way to engage your family.

All the ingredients to raise the bar on your family’s experience of each other are in the pages of this dynamic tool. Simply add your family to the mix and watch what happens.


About the Author

Jody Temple White is an adventurer, strategist, and speaker. Her work in finance, international adoption, women’s financial education, business consulting, and child advocacy has seeded a deep commitment to family development. She’s also a Mom and realist who knows the ropes of motherhood, as a birth mom, adoptive mom, and step-mom (aka bonus mom).

She began using the questions What If? Why Not? And What Next? to keep the family engaged, curious, and supportive. She calls it The W3 Factor. It became the foundation for living brave, giving big, and having fun. At one point, it led them on a nine-month backpacking trip around the world.

White is the Founder and President of The Courage Vibe, a family adventure company that produces media, training, and adventures for families with teens and pre-teens who want to want to live brave, give big, and have fun and bust the myth that life with teens can’t be fabulous.

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Product Specs

150 pages
Publisher: Quiddity Media
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.4 x 9 inches


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