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Welcome and Thank you for joining us.

We’re so excited that you’re here.

This is a super easy challenge, promise.

No heavy lifting.

No special ingredients.

Just start with two simple words: What If?

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This Challenge ushers in a new way of connecting with one another.

The questions create a safe space for brainstorming, dreaming, playing, and understanding your family and friends more deeply.

They are stepping stones leading you to becoming a family who knows how to live brave, give big, and have fun.

Some ground rules before you dive in:

  • Start the Challenge whenever it is most convenient for your family.
  • Ask as many What If questions as you can, of as many people as you can.
  • Let one question lead to another.
  • Don’t interrupt. Don’t judge. Don’t hold a secret agenda.
  • Stay positive, even when an answer shocks you or seems ridiculous.
  • Remember that there are no right or wrong answers.
  • Listen. Enjoy. Stay curious. Have fun.

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The Magic of What If

Asking questions that start with What If opens up a space of possibility and play. It awakens the imagination and opens the door to options a person may not have considered before.

We saw this happen just the other day. An out-of-town house guest was asked, “What if you moved to Portland?” The guest paused to play with the idea and answered, “I had never seriously considered it, but suddenly the idea doesn’t seem so far-fetched.”

Ah, the magic of what if questions.

Ready to get started and see where your what ifs lead you?

The Five Starter Questions:

BTW, you can choose to tackle all five questions or just one, your decision.

  •  1. What if you were given round-trip airline tickets to travel anywhere? Where would you go and why?
  •  2. What if you could travel back in time? What time era would you choose and why?
  •  3. What if the only thing on the menu were insects? Which ones would you eat?
  •  4. What if there was a new colony being built on Mars and anyone could go there to live? Would you go? Why or why not?
  •  5. What if you could meet anyone – living or dead – who would it be and why?

Click here to download a printable version that gives you all the details and questions making it that much easier to share.

Step 1. Decide how you will introduce the Challenge to your family. You could just drop the questions into a conversation, without an introduction OR get everyone on board right at the front.

Step 2. Go over the ground rules, OR simply model them for your family.

Step 3. Select a couple questions from the list to break the ice. 

Step 4. Start the Challenge by asking your first What If question.

A Note to Everyone

This Challenge is fairly simple. How much you choose to participate is totally up to you! If you choose not to engage, then you can likely expect things to stay pretty much as they are now. If you do choose to engage, then expect your brain to fire up and start streaming new ideas and connections! Expect the ideas others share to stick with you and lead you on your own path to discovering new bucket-list adventures, new passions, new ways of being in the world, and new interests. Again, it’s your choice; please choose wisely 🙂

A Note to Parents and Adults

The kids in your life want to hear your answers to the What If questions, too! It can be easy to forget that when you’re used to eye rolls and being ignored. What If questions instigate more interesting conversations, strengthen imagination, and make it easier to break out of ruts—together. So as you ask and answer the What If questions, resist the urge to use them to interrogate or preach. Instead, use them to build a culture of curiosity in your family that can lead you to connections and adventures that may seem impossible today.

A Note to Kids and Teens

Believe it or not, the adults who care about you love to hear your ideas and dreams. What if you could share yours without fear of being judged, ridiculed, or laughed at? This Challenge helps the grown-ups around you practice listening, not interrupting. So go for it! Dream, imagine, and share your thoughts. Don’t hold back. If someone starts to correct you or tries to edit your idea, you have permission to politely and respectfully remind them of the ground rules. But remember—you have to follow those rules, too 🙂

Already thinking about what happens after the 12-hours?  Don’t worry.  We have you covered.

Keep an eye on your inbox because you will be receiving some emails from us with more tips and strategies so you can keep asking What If questions.

Count this as your warning, What If questions can be addicting and they have the power to lead you and your family into amazing adventures.

Oh, and, of course, we would love to hear your answers to the What If questions. That is some of the most fun, hearing other people’s what ifs because that plants seeds for our own.  See if that happens to you too!

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Turning Our Family’s Own What Ifs Into Why Nots

Our family habitually uses the power of What If to open new doors and seek out new opportunities. It is the question that led us to backpack around the world for nine months. It is also the question that led us to amazing adventures on that trip.



The what if questions didn’t stop when we came home, quite the opposite, they only ratcheted up.

Here are a few things that we are each working on now. Not so long ago these were all just What Ifs…?



The magic of asking What If  is its power to become Why Not? 

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