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You put a lot of effort into building a really great family.

The What If  Project puts wings to all your efforts.

It does it with two little words: What If?

The What If Project sparks conversations that lead to a family culture of curiosity, connection, and adventure.

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Our idea of family

Our family’s trip around the world started with the question of what if? Since then, those two little words have become our way of life.

What if elevates everything. Our conversations are richer, connection is deeper, interaction is kinder, mutual support is stronger, and our adventures are braver.

Oh, and we laugh more than before what if moved in and redecorated our lives.

Whether your adventure starts around the dinner table or traveling abroad, the What If  Project is for you and your family.

The What If  Project provides fresh ways to start juicy conversations that will lead your whole family on a path of discovery and countless unexpected experiences.

Where will what if lead your family? 


The easy answer to “What if your family asked more what if questions?” may be…

…that you’re barely together enough to ask what time the game starts or the slumber party ends, let alone ask what if?

Here’s the good news.

  • What if questions are quick and as easy as checking Facebook on your phone.
  • What if questions are like musical ear worms. They play in your head even when the music’s not on.
  • What if questions are disarming and playful, like when you suddenly break into dance with your favorite high school moves during a commercial.
  • What if questions open our minds, and plant seeds that grow like Jack’s beanstock.

What if your family asked more what if questions?

Find out by joining the What If  Project.

Begin the Adventure

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Family Development?

We are a family who values personal development. We attend conferences and workshops and enroll in online courses. We love to learn and become. We have an imagine you do, too.

We asked ourselves what if family development became like personal development, a field filled with wonderful options that help parents build amazing families.

The What If  Project is a step into that idea.

What if we spread our what if love to other families, the kind of families that are looking for more of the stuff that blows their minds with what’s possible after all.

Families like yours. 

“You don’t have to give birth to someone to have a family.”

Sandra Bullock

The art of truly listening

Asking is one thing, truly listening takes practice

Respond, don’t react to the answers you hear. Nothing is carved in stone.

Play with the answers, be open to new ideas. The answers are not up for debate.

What ifs are wide-open playgrounds to let your imagination run.



(Hover over the white text below)
My family doesn’t play games.


We’ve tried things like this before…


My family doesn’t really talk that much.


Our family is rarely in the same room at the same time…


Why talk about stuff that will never happen?

Imagine knowing your family has your back.

Unshakable connection gives each member of the family the confidence to bravely pursue what fascinates them.

Now that what if is our way of life and relating, we know each other like never before. We understand and support each other. Our bond is strong and forever.

We will never be alone no matter what.

What if did that for us and it can do it for you.

A few what ifs from our trip

(Hover over the pictures with your mouse)Cambodia Siem Reap and Outlying Temples (45)

Share your What if into Why not stories on our Facebook page and please use #whatifwhynot in your post.


Go to the dentist or go out for an ice cream?

Would you like to go to the dentist today or grab some ice cream, you ask your family.

The look says it all. Duh!

What if questions take the pain out of getting into deep, quality conversations. They make meaningful interactions easier and more natural.

The What If  Project jump-starts your conversations, and, being the multi-tasker that you probably are, you could do it all while eating that double scoop of Chunky Monkey.

Join the What If Project

There are many ways to ask questions.

Is your goal to keep the conversation going OR stop it short?

Cultivate deeper and juicier conversations by asking your questions in a spirit of curiosity, fun, and openness.

Undertones of judgement or interrogation kill juicy conversations.

Want juicier conversations?

Tired of conversations with your family that end in four letter words like okay, yeah, nope, fine, sure? We were.

What if you replace those boring, disconnected conversations with ones that crack open the door to the kind of life and connection that will outlast you and become legend?

The What If  Project sparks interesting conversations that lead to a family culture of curiosity, exploration, and adventure.

Juicy conversations go where you don’t expect. They keep you engaged, like a good movie.

“Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.”

Frank Borman


Ready for some breakthroughs?

Asking what if led us to let go of what was expected of us as a middle class family of four with two kids, one in middle school and the other a junior in high school. One what if question led to another and within months we were waving goodbye to friends and family at the Portland International Airport with backpacks and no specific plans.

“You’re crazy,” was something we heard a lot.

Crazy happy, as it turned out.

Watch where our What Ifs led us

The What If  Project turns your what ifs into why nots.

It ups the quality of your life and relationships and adventures.

Why Not?  Join the What If  Project.

You are a click away from more interesting conversations.

Share this page and extend that fun to more than just your family. #whatifwhynot

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